Poetry Corner

*Please feel free to send thoughts or poems for Delilah and other’s we have lost too soon. I’d be honored to post them here*


We never got to meet you or see your face

Sweet Delilah Rae

But the joy you brought your parents was evident in every way.

So long you were dreamt of…

Daddy’s little girl and Mommy’s best friend.

But your heart had some problems that your little body couldn’t mend.

An undeniable bond has been created and your spirit lives on

In all of those who love you…

Especially your Dad and Mom.

~Written by one of my BFF’s Brandy~


It’s okay.

It’s okay to miss them. 

It’s okay to say their name. 

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to laugh.

It’s okay to breathe deeply.

It’s okay to smile when you think of them.

It’s okay to function.

It’s okay to have days where you can’t function.

It’s okay to be angry.

It’s okay to be thankful.

It’s okay to love again.

It’s okay to remember.

It’s okay to hope.

It’s okay to be honest.

It’s okay to trust again.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

~Sent to me by my friend Marissa, taken from the blog Scribbles & Crumbs~


Tomorrow I will say goodbye to you.

Before I ever got to say hello.

What I knew of you was pure and precious.

We were artists who created a masterpiece.

Our best parts combined to create your unique perfection.

I will miss you forever.

Your home will feel so empty.

Vacancy where you once spent all of your time.

You are a part of me.

By far the most important part.

If I could fix you I would, give you my own heart if I could.

But I can’t.

What I can give you are wings to fly.

Fly away to heaven sweet angel of mine.

And always watch over us.

I will look for you in my dreams,

Where I will catch a glimpse of your face in a crowd, 

And know that you are my beautiful, beloved daughter.

~Written by me, on my last night with Delilah~


Mommy Poem

~Sent to me from my dear friend Elena~

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