Heavenly Escorts

As far back as I can remember my psychic ability has been strongest in the dream state. I am able to connect with tarot cards and “see” the symbols and messages, however most of the spiritual messages I’ve received in life have come through strongest in my dreams. This is very common for people with psychic ability. Throughout the years I’ve had many dream visitations from loved ones who have passed, and several premonitions of things that have happened. You can tell the difference between a regular dream and a spirit visit because it’s as if time stands still, everything is extremely vivid, and they deliver a specific message. Whether it be something that they do or say, they make it very clear that they are there with you for a reason.

I should have known when I had five dream visitations from loved ones who have passed that things were quickly changing for Delilah. It was the week of our anatomy scan (18 weeks pregnant) when we learned that something was wrong with her heart, but we weren’t aware of the severity. We still had a lot of hope. For five consecutive nights, I was visited by three beloved pets who have passed on (yes animals have souls and they continue on in the after life), a childhood friend who passed away way before his time, and my paternal grandmother, who preferred to be called “Nana”.

All of the animal visitations were very similar. Cuddles, happy faces, wagging tails, messages of comfort and reassurance. The visit from my childhood friend was similar. He was hovering above me and just holding my hand. All of these spirits had the same message.. ~We are here~.

My dream visit from Nana was the strongest. I’m laying in bed and the phone rings. But it is not my cell phone. It’s an old fashioned telephone. BRRRRIIINNGGG!!! The ringing wakes me up. I answer it. “Hello?”…..She replies…..~Gigi, It’s Nana…~ When she was alive, she always greeted me on the phone like this. I got out of bed, gathered the phone in my lap and sat down on the floor by my Wiccan altar, where we went into a very deep, serious conversation. I don’t recall what was discussed, as the visit began to dissolve. I think my own soul was protecting my conscious from the information.  But looking back, I know what we discussed. She was letting me know that they were all preparing and gathering around to escort our baby girl to the other side.

It didn’t register that this was what was happening that week. The onslaught of visits worried me a bit but in my heart I held out hope that this was their way of letting me know that everything would be okay. In my mind at the time, “okay” meant that Delilah would be born and live a long, healthy life with her daddy and I. Their version of “okay” was that she would pass peacefully, and be greeted, protected, and loved in heaven. They were her Heavenly Greeting Committee, her own personal escorts. It gives me peace to know that they were waiting for her when she passed, and that she was welcomed into Heaven with open arms.




One thought on “Heavenly Escorts

  1. Wow…that’s amazing. I’ve always believed that loved ones who have passed do indeed visit us in our dreams. Looks like you have a lot of support all around you. It should be very comforting to know that she is in good hands 💜

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